Salmonella, Water Analysis, Worm Eggs Counter, TVC Environmental…

We work offering a wide range of laboratory testing services to help you maintain the health and productivity of your farm.

Here are some of the laboratory test that we manage and follow up:

  1. Salmonella Testing: Salmonella is a major concern for poultry farms, as it can cause serious illness in both birds and humans. Poultry are a known reservoir for Salmonella, and the bacteria can be transmitted through contaminated feed, water, equipment, and other environmental factors. That’s why it’s so important for poultry farmers to take steps to prevent and control Salmonella in their flocks by testing for Salmonella in the environment and vaccinating.
  2. Water Analysis: Water analysis is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy and productive poultry farm. Poultry depend on clean, safe drinking water for their health, well-being and high performance and productivity. Contaminated water can cause many health problems, reduced productivity and even death.
  3. Worm Egg Counts: With worm egg counts we detect the presence of internal parasites in your birds. This helps us to identify and treat infestations before they cause serious health problems and undesirable drops in productivity.
  4. TVC (Total Viable Count) Environmental Testing: We offer environmental testing to monitor the overall cleanliness and hygiene of your farm environment. This includes testing for TVC, which measures the total number of bacteria present in a given area. High TVC levels can indicate poor sanitation and hygiene practices.

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